Needs Assessments – Upon analyzing your current information needs, we can develop a data processing plan for your office. By meeting with you (and your staff) we can develop a plan that will meet your current and anticipated information needs. You will receive an unbiased appraisal of your computer needs, free from any hardware or software agreements.

Database Management & Support – Our expertise in managing your data will provide you with timely information flow, so you can make good decisions. Forms design, paper flow, office ergonomics, hardware optimization and knowing how to work with people all enter into a successful formula for managing data; be it manually or with computers.

Design & Evaluation – We can assist you in problem specification, design, planning, data collection and analysis. Evaluation can include employee satisfaction surveys, marketing, student or program evaluation, and usage surveys. Consulting with us during the design stage of your research will provide a higher return on your efforts.

Instrument Development – Collecting information about people is not an exact science. However, there are certain tenets that can be followed to minimize spurious effects in the examination of people’s attitudes and behaviors. We can work with you in constructing an instrument that will address your issues, whether in your business or for purely academic pursuits.

Statistical Analysis – We have the tools and the knowledge to perform the proper statistical analyses of your data. Whether your data are collected with our help or not, by using the appropriate statistical techniques we can condense an inordinate amount of information into a concise collection of tables that can provide you with the proper analysis and interpretation of your data. Our expertise in psychometrics and sociological research will provide you with an added dimension not usually found among statistical consultants.