Minnick & Associates is a data processing, research, and evaluation company owned and operated by Kirk F. Minnick. Kirk has over thirty years experience in this field, having lived and worked in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1974.

Formerly affiliated with the University of New Mexico as the Associate Director for Research and Data Management for the Testing Division, he was instrumental in developing more efficient and economical information systems for the department. While employed for UNM he was also responsible for the administration of a campus wide faculty evaluation system. He performed research into student achievement, testing, and program evaluation.

Since 1977, Kirk has also been a statistical and data processing consultant. His unique combination of computer, management, research and problem solving skills led to a rewarding part-time consulting practice. After having completed his Master’s degree in 1981 in Research Design and Statistics he has been involved in a wide array of research and evaluation projects. His clients benefit from his ability to communicate with people and computers, with consistently reliable results.

The challenge of working with a diversity of clients, solving their unique problems and the satisfaction he received from that challenge led to his decision to form Minnick & Associates, Inc. in 1986.